Friday, June 12, 2015

Young Dreams!!

When I was young..

I dreamt..
I dreamt of flowers
& of flies!!

I dreamt of mountains
& their heights!!

I dreamt of Rivers
& sea tides!!

I dreamt of moon
& its shining light!!

I dreamt.. When I was young..

I dreamt of children
& their smiles!!

I dreamt of snow
& nature all so white!!

I dreamt of lush green trees
& me lying by its side!!

I dreamt.. When I was young..

I dreamt of family
& the bond it shares!!

I dreamt of home
Full of love & laughter!!

I dreamt of someone special
& his assurance & solace

I dreamt.. When I was young...
Of love, life, happiness & care

& now..
I don't want to open my eyes!!

-Payal Forever

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Moment!!

Live the moment..
Make it last forever..
Laugh with it..
Cry with it..
Feel the high
And walk some miles with it..
The moment..
May b deceptive..
But its yours..
It may just also be
Your god sent cure..
Rest in the moment..
And the moment shall
Rest in you..
Then, let it go away
As the next one shall be new...

Monday, July 29, 2013


Sometimes.. i just want to write.. Dont know what to write.. how to write.. but just keep on writing.. I know it maks no sense.. but sometimes.. u just enjoy doing the nonsense..

How typical it is to be in your senses for all your life.. why think so much before doing anything.. wat could go wrong by writing nonsense?? That no one would read my blog?? or i would make a fool out of myself.. Why care so much... ?? Why not just live the way you want to and not how others dictate you...

For once, lets forget everything that you have done till date.. Lets suppose... you are all alone in this entire universe... noone to rule u.. to keep a watch over u.. to guide u.. u have all the liberties that may be adam or eve had.. what would you be? how would you behave?? would u still think so much? be so calculative?

Try preparing a list of things.. u really want to do.. but just arent doing for the sake of someone? You have a long list.. Dont you? So why not do it? Y not for once be what we actually are?

Tomorrow if its supposed to be our last day...then y not live today??

Wow!! i did write a lot of  nonsense... but i shall still publish it.. COZ THATS WHAT I WANT TO DO... :) :)

C Yaa!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Up down... round and round..
YoU never know wen life turns around...
Lost and found... sometimes underground
So much noise.. without a sound...

Near far.. poles apart...
Seeing u go farther than far...
Deep within.. its a broken part...
No repair... nothing but a scar...

Smile laugh... just to hide...
All my emotions that die...
They say... destiny decides...
But who cures d pain that grows inside...

Friday, June 07, 2013

Deceptive Time..

This time in life.. will it ever be mine??
I laugh with it.. I cry wid it..
it makes me rise.. it makes me shine..
its wrong n its right sometime

I wait fr it.. n I waste it sometime...
but suddenly it changes...
leaving me... its so unkind...
the realization sinks in..

I own it is my dream..
time wakes me up
to a world so mean...
it laughs at me..

I came... thought u a new lesson..
n now its a goodbyeee...

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I Fear, Fear the unknown
I Fear, Fear the crown...
Princess... I am going to be...
I fear, fear the big bad throne..

I Fear, Fear the lavishness...
I fear, Fear the happiness...
Ruling the whole kingdom..
I Fear, Fear the emptiness...

No throne can make me happy..
No palace can shower me love..

I dream of a lil cabana..
With my feet in soft sand..
My romeo to hold my hand...
And say, he will forever.. be my man..

No fear shall grapple me then..
No throne shall take me to death..
But the king is blinded..
And hurt cannot be mended..

The fear is here to stay...
This time.. it shall take me away...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Life is Strange,
It gives us Pain,
Makes us Change,
But, in the end, we Gain..

Life is Strange,
We fight in Vain,
Love in Range,
And, feelings we Tame..

Life is Strange,
We chase the Fame,
Relations we estrange,
And, aim for Acclaims...

Life is Strange,
It plays its Game,
We feel, we Arrange,
Unless, we see the Photoframe..

Life is Strange,
Everyone wants to Gain,
No-one wants to change,
In the end, all we suffer, is Pain!!..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Where's the Time?..

Where's the time
To meet someone..
To greet someone..
To hug someone..
To love someone...

Where's the time
To share a tear..
To feel a fear..
To hold them near..
To spread a cheer...

Where's the time
To lift a child..
To walk a mile..
To take a while
To gift a smile..

Where's the time
To help a needy..
To not be greedy..
To respect a lady
To live without maybe's...

Where's the time
To sit beside your old's...
To talk about their moulds....
To warm them in their colds..
To not look for their golds...

Where's the time
To detach from the files..
To attach with this life..
To push your soul high..
To thank God before you die..

Where's the TIME???

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rebirth of Bicycling

Guys and gals, Mahindra has come out with a new marketing campaign which invites ideas from people; these ideas are put up for public voting and the ideas which get the highest votes get funding from Mahindra.
A friend of mine, Arjit Soni, has also submitted a project that I truly believe in. Its a project which will help u save time, money & most importantly ENVIRONMENT.. (btw, It might help u look sexy too ;) 
 In order to implement the same he needs to garner as many votes for this project as he can.
So ppl just follow the steps mentioned below.. n VOTE!

1. Go to the following link in your browser

2. The above link will take you directly to the project 'Rebirth of Bicycling'. Please read it and if you support it then please vote for it.

3. Click on the GREEN ICON in the top right of the page THAT SAYS 'VOTE'.

4. Please note the last count of votes that the project has received.

5. A new page will pop up, please click on 'YES, VOTE NOW'

6. Now, there are many options to register. However, there is a shortcut for facebook users. Please click on the BLUE ICON in the top right of the page which says 'CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK'

7. It'll ask for permission, please ALLOW

8. And the vote is registered. U shall recieve a confirmation mail. Next time u login to the link.. It will show a VOTED mark.. instead of VOTE

So guys.. Go ahead.. n Make it happen...!!
PS: "Be the change you want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi

For Arjits Blog Visit:

A special thanks to all of u from Arjit
And loads of love frm ME!!

:) :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Game..

Its hollow inside,
With the whole world outside..
Try to keep the pain aside
& draw a smile so wide..

Finding solace in material,
But its all in vain..
All I experience is
Excruating pain...

Self Betrayal is the name,
Its much needed..
As it keeps me in the game,
To walk the path, much heeded

Emptiness fills my heart,
Wishing we were never apart..
Every beat wants you here,
Shining eyes can hold no more tears..

I find no reason to stay alive,
But a hope never lets me die..
Your face in front of my eyes,
Now its all a lie..

Every moment that I live
Is a Suffering..
This is the only way
to a fake living..

Everytime my phone beeps,
I wish its you..
sending me a smile
with which I grew..

Its all a dream now..
A dream.. that will never come true..,
Coz its ME who's playing the game..
Self Betrayal is its name...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joy of Giving!!

It is party for a kid who is just a year old. A kid who doesnt know what 'PARTY' means. A kid who cannot even talk, leave alone walk! A kid who can recognise only his parents and atmost his close relatives! Who is totally unaware about animals called friends!.. Who is confused to see the world population gathered in his party..!

He will be the most stunnigly dressed and all made up.. the CANDY BAR!.. Ofcourse, he will love the attention he would get and the gifts being showered on him..But the victim of 'unwelcome-d' love along with kisses from all the aunties in the world doubled with cheek pulling!! phew!!... So much of uncandid love! Obviously.. for a kid for whom a 50grand party has been organised!!

The question is what's the point dude? He wont even remember anything when he is 25..

My mom pounced "Why not? They can afford to.. and every parent wishes to do the best for his/her kid!".. Agreed mom.. but how do u define doing the BEST?
She retaliated: "Parents satisfaction. You wont understand"...
Lolzz.. yes mom, I dont understand!!.. 'Satisfaction' .. Lolzzz.. Satisfying what?? Their ego?? Their Status??.. So that 'your' friend will have a PLANE PARTY for their one year old child? What the Heck...! Ridiculous!

Amist, all of this, what does your child learn? He learns to buy expensive clothes? or to display his high class attitude? or how to USE(read Waste) the hard earned money? And then you fuss about them wasting so much of money. Boss, Its your own bloody fault...

Had you thought him to GIVE at the age when you threw a 50grand party for him or had you made him realise how lucky he was to lead a lifestyle that only 20% of the population in India live, he would have grown up with a gratitude that would have stopped him wasting his life away!

I dont say, dont celebrate. I dont say live in rags when you have all the riches. I dont say dont pamper your child. Everyone does. They should! Your child is you Prince/princess. Give him all that you can.

But wait. Stop here and think. What do u want to give him? An artifical life? All material? Did you think about the JOY OF GIVING?

If you threw a 50grand party for him, did you make him give a 1000 rupee note to the needy? Did you give him a chance to feel the smile that spreads on your maid's or her child's face who eats what he wastes? or the warmth of feeding the old hungry man sitting on the street, while he lays on his soft cot?.. Dont tell me you dont earn enough for it. or you have no time!...

Go on..
Take him to the underprivileged. To the aashram's of little disabled children who smile despite of having no legs.. And he will never cry of new pair of jeans. Show him how they eat 2 slices of bread with milk and he will never waste money eating in a 5 star hotel!

We need to inculcate this in the children right from the beginning. Right from their FIRST BIRTHDAY!.. Trust me, he is sharp enough to understand what you are trying to put in him.. Imbibe in him the GOODNESS!!

Chuck the society! Chuck your ego. Give your child that will help him grow into a human being rather than a machine.. and he wont be too busy to care..!
I am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society

Sunday, February 13, 2011


You are only a .(dot), when you come to life,
World is a ? the first time you open your eyes..

Living in a place @ home,
You realise your parents and siblings are your own..

+ and - they inculcate in you,
Accept things with a [ and everyday will be new...

School you go to, where % speaks,
Educate yourself to be > your peers..

College is where you learn to have fun,
You fall in love and feel the !..

The chase for $, makes you greedy,
At the end, you know, you have gone all crazy..

Use an & to give a commitment,
You have a partner for all sorrows and achievements..

As time flies, , (comma's) become a fight,
! is the stick, walking side-by-side...

@ Lonliness is your only friend,
World is a ? again, by the time you reach your end...

You were only a .(dot) when you came into life,
And .(full stop) is only, what ends your life!!!...

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Struggling in pain,
Efforts in vain,
Feeling Strangled,
Life's entangled..

Wanna break free,
Wanna start up new,
Passion awaits its way,
Depression has to go far away!

A ray in darkness,
is what i seek..
I feel so dead
When i speak!

Gimme the strength
to follow my dreams,
Renew my soul...
thts the only way to SUCCEED!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dejections, Rejections & Addictions!


This write-up and its contents might not be suitable for children under 18 yrs of age..!

I was waiting for my hair dresser to get free so he can mend my hair!(people who know me.... know why its called "mending" in my case).. How do i wild away my time.???. text or call someone.. no network!!.. So least i could do is pick up a random magazine n read an article.. that is, exactly, what i did today.. got my hands on a magazine, named, marie something( i never read a magazine... so plz pardon my lack of knowledge abt their names)...

Anyways, so, i flipped through some irrritating pages displaying various nail polishes n lipsticks n even lingerie's... n suddenly this caught my attention.. Story of a Sex Addict.. n the first thought that passed my mind was "Sex Addict" in a Women Magazine..

Indeed, it was a story about a woman who was addicted SEXUALLY..

What was interesting to read was this lady had a sad childhood, divorced parents, craved for love and hence, grew being an attention seeker. She found in her early teens that having sex makes her feel satisfied.. makes her feel SPECIAL!.. All she wanted to here from the guy is tht it was the best he ever had.. She had sex with 70 different men in 3months... Her addiction was her pleasure and her pleasure was her need... Leaving aside.. her dull mornings, full of dejections.. making her feel all the more lonely

Admist all of this.. she worked with elite class of people.. Most being, top most CEO's, Lawyers, Businessmen etc..

All of this was a part of her life.. till she met George, with whom things were different.. She married him.. and unlike the case would have been.. she was Faithful.. Loyal.. but soon was disinterested.. her passsion couldnt be satisfied.. she put on weight n had constant fights with George.. Work suffered.. It was mess... !!

She left George, shed her weight n went back to sleepin with different men and also not to forget got a double promotion.. Wow.. things were great.. as smooth as they could be.. except that she was lonely in the mornings.. lying on the floor all alone just wantin to b hugged n loved.. until she suffered a bad infection in her vagina due to too much sex...

Trying to reconcile her life.. her obsession with sex.. she found many men she slept with were already married .. who were never going to call her back.. she felt used.. just like any other whore.. !!

The article made me think... think hard.. just for the sake of covering our rejections.. most of us take up to addictions... but the pleasure of addictions are only momentary...

Every morning, like the lady, you wake up only to find more dejected.. n more rejected.. no matter how many cigarattes u puff or how much of cocaine u have... U R GOING TO BE LONELY EVERY MORNING...

Only you can help yourslef... ONLY YOU!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emotional Whore!

Wanderin in the lonely nights,
A thousand questions in my eyes,
Feeling like a zombie,
Emotions on a high..

Was it all a dream?
Why do I want to scream?
I don’t think is all over yet,
Don’t you have any regrets?

I tried to fill in the space,
I tried working it all out
They weren’t just words
That slipped from my mouth..

Do you even care anymore?
How I feel like a used emotional whore,
All my love was just a play
U thought I was made of clay..

I m hurt within,
My heart doesn’t beat anymore.
But I don’t blame you for any of it,
For you were always the same

But the question remains…
Did I deserve all of this???

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meri Awaz...

Aaj mein kuch alag karna chahti hoon,
Duniya ki bheed bhad se zara door jana chahti hoon.

Thak gayi hoon is haar-jeet ki daud se,
Aaj me apni MAA ke godh me zara sona chahti hoon.

Kehte hai log, mujme badi himmat hai,
Aaj kisi apne ke kandhe pe sir rakhke rona chahti hoon.

Kahin Udna chahti hoon, Kuch kehna chahti hoon,
Aaj is duniya ki banayi hui har seema langna chahti hoon.

Kyu chup rahu? Kyu na aage badhu?
Aaj aapne har dar ka samna karna chahti hoon.

Kisiki beti, kisiki behen, kisiki dost, kisika pyaar nahi,
Aaj me apne aapko pana chahti hoon..

Aaj me kuch Alag karna chahti hoon,
Is dikhave ki duniya me.. Zara khushi dhundna chahti hoon..

Success wid U!

Vision Unlimited

Time Limited

The Way grows longer,

Makes me ponder.

Hunger to achieve

Makes me percieve

The want for success,

Makes me restless.

I climb every step,

Without any fret

I know YOUR hands,

Will b my fence.

Stay wid me,

your hands clutched

Wid mine

Hold me so strong,

lift me up

and Make me feel proud...

Monday, March 01, 2010

Bossom to Arid

Season's Come
Season's go
Season's changes
Arid dangers

Same is with my arms
There was blossom
It was awesome
Heart was blooming
Lips cherishing
Smile melted her
Arms felt her
There was blossom
It was awesome

Now its arid
Arms are worried
Heart is only beating
Lips are'nt meeting
Smile looks dry
Asking her why?
Now its arid
Arms are worried

Season's Come
Season's go
Season's changes
Arid dangers

Friday, December 25, 2009

My first interaction wid the SKY!

9:00 am:
Still lazying in my bed... Lost in my sweet sweet dreams.. Suddenly i felt someone shaking my shoulder. Too lazy to reply i just 'hmmmed'. It was dad. Faintly, i heard "Get up, its flying high"..
I just 'hmmed'..

9.15 am:
I went to the terrace... n i saw my dad flying a kite... First i was like.. Dad its december n y r u flyin a KITE??.. He just smiled and handed over the kite to me..

I had no clue wat to do wid it.. suddenly it started coming down.. n i heard my dad say"Pull, Pull the string". The sight of tht kite coming down was so devastating.. i would hv done anything he had said. And i pulled.

I saw it fly again.. up in the air towards the sky floating with the wind.. something inside me turned.. i enjoyed everybit of tht flight..

Dad thaught me various techniques to sway it n swing it in the air.. Such pleasure.. I could see myself flying instead of the kite.. The breeze was pleasant.. was perfect.. The want to touch tht SKY i had always dreamt of grew stronger till i realised the terrace was abt to end..

This is one thing tht u shld do in ur lifetime... TOUCH THE SKY!!!
Thnks DAD!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Self Improvement.

Self improvement!!

Hmm.. ok pondering upon this one.

What is self improvement?
Improving ur thoughts, ways and ur self towards a better person. In short, Realising wat can be improved upon n striving to improve it.

How do we 'Self Improve'??
Books. Read. Read. Read. thts a funda fr me. i read read n read. Books answer most of ur questions. Now. How do questions arise?. They arise wen u think for urself. well.. THINK FOR URSELF.. means.. talk to urself.. understand ur weakness.. n accept it. then u look for answers.

Look for answers... Where??
Again, Books. Yes. or share knowledge with a person of the same or higher caliber.

So the whole process starts frm self realisation and ends with self retrospection.

The point i m tryin to drive here is, u can not improve till U realise tht something is wrong. or something is lacking. U can never be told tht u need an improvement. Rubbish. Tht is coz u will never accept it. Ur ego will never let u accept it.

Wen u say u are open to receive anything a person says.. wat u do is convinent hearing.i.e Receive wat u LIKE to receive.

If u really feel wat the other person is saying is true.. accept it first. take it into ur soul. ponder upon it. thn u will realise as to wat is to be improved.

Remember.. U cant be forced to improve. U can b forced only to compromise. PERIOD.

Exams- Post Exams

Done wid my exams. Finally. Hopefully this would be my last CA exams. dont wanna give anymore. Moreover dont wanna gain weight again. Damn! my fav. jeans doesnt fit me anymore. Anyways, moving towards loosing all those extra kilos!

Wanted to share a few MOST COMMON questions i came across since my exams.

How were the exams??
Most common question these days i m being asked. What do i answer. I, myself, m unaware. So, different answers for different people.

What Next?
The next question. I mean plz gimme a break. I m just done wid my exams. I hv no clue n especially coz i m not a planner. i dont follow calender. So, next question plz.

So, ready for marriage?
Whose?? urs?? WTF.

No more questions plz.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Zindagi ek pyaas hai,

hurdum ek naya ehsaas hai,

bas ek aas hai,

warna sab naash hai.

Zindagi ek pyaas hai,

hardum naya ehsaas hai.

Manzile hi khaas hai,

saach se hi aas hai,

Mehnat pe Vishwas hai.

Zindagi ek pyaas hai,

hardum naya ehsaas hai.

Muskilon se bhadaas hai,

sikhi inse mithaas hai,

Antarman saaf hai,

dar ka nahi koi bhaas hai.

Zindagi ek pyaas hai,

hardum naya ehsaas hai.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nostalgia... Ruch n Nel. this ones fr u!!

So finally we met..
Was it a year or more.. no clue.. only thing we knew was it was long, long, long time... After constantly making plans over the net and on calls we were sitting together in the CCD over the coffee table...

It was a sunday afternoon and I had just left from my classes, damn happy to meet my fast friends. Just the day before Ruchi messaged me tht she is coming down n asked me if i could meet n it was all done with an SMS.. To come to think of it, its kinnda funny. Its SMS's that answer the questions now a days.. And I tell u they are a boon.
Nelma scrapped me she was in too... [i think everyone ,by now, knows wat a 'scrap' means.. i doubt if we remember the dictionary meaning of that word..]

The conversations drifted from work to life, to MBA ,to CA, to other career options, to recession n how it is screwing us(well it is actually not :p..), to hows auditors make money, to alternative solutions, to cribbing, to gossiping abt people who we hadn't met since ages, to guys, to how big a foodie Ruch had become and how Nel had to increase her diet and tht I was still a little kid (who need to turn a "KEY" so tht i "GROW UP".. lol...) to.. to.. to...
We went back to our college times n our school days.. n some serious talks abt wat we want to do further.. (most of which was repeated :P)

We couldn't stop chattering and chattering and laughing until the waiter came in to take our order. Actually, we had already had we had ordered. That's when we knew knew tht it was high time to pay our bills and get our butt's outside the coffee shop...

Gals.. I have always had my most precious times with u.. this was just to make u feel obliged hahahaa.. naa.. Just did so coz this is a Special Page of mine.. n it Cannot be complete till u guys are in it..

Thnks a lot fr being there.. in Good and Bad times, even wen my most cherished ppl werent thr fr me, wen ppl left me all by myself, for guiding me with Rights and Wrongs.. I am blessed to u around me..

Love Both of U.. i m gng to b thr wid u always.. no matter wat!!
And yes u can thank me for this one [n no cribbing allowed fr the pic.. RUCHI.. i hope u get it!!]....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Perpetuity..

My eyes searching,
All over the Place.
Only Once, Only if,
I could see your Face.

My fate made me
Choose You.
My Destiny made me
Loose You.
I still live the days,
When we laughed
With arms open wide,
Only to cry now,
With no-one on my side.
You left me alone
when I was Lonely,
You gave up on me
when I gave up Everything for you.

You need not worry,
I have learnt to live on.
With no tears in my eyes,
I have spent my days on.

I still hope,
My destiny will shine,
You will forever, be Mine.

I have Summoned to Thee,
Waiting for my soul to be free....

Friday, August 15, 2008


Where ever I go
I come to know
Life is a flow
Let it flow

When u r low
Don’t blow
Let it flow

I know
That I don’t know
How life flows
Glow n blow
Blow n glow
But life flows.

Direct the flow
To meet the glow
To reduce the blow

Life is a flow
Let it flow.


Conditions Bad
People are sad
This is dusk
Dawn is must

Will break the rules
Blow the fules
Driving these mules

Fight the sorrow
For the morrow
Dawn will reform
If I perform
Sun will shine
On efforts shrine

Conditions improved
Efforts proved
Singing rhymes
People smile.

For the better
Rings the caveat
Control the chariot
For the better
For the better.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Tryst With Values...

Hi Dear Values,

Its a dream
You and success
Hand in Hand
I will scream
On this land
I Say, Its a dream.

Dream will come true
If I stick to U
Path is long
If u r along
You will guide
In disguise.

You and me
Success is We
For Me

Here i See
Goodness Spree
Success Kissed
With ur Lips

You And Success
Hand in hand
I screaming
On this Land
With Joy
Lets Enjoy.

Urs Faithfully,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Song..

Days Pass by
Nights move on.
And i find myself murmuring the same song...

Its the song of life,
its the song of love,
Needless to Sing,
it just slips with a zing..
Yes, honey its the same song,

Its the song tht u left on ma lips,
wen u kissed me..
Its the song tht beats in ma heart,
as u live in..
A Song tht..
has no words and no tune,
still is understood
but only by me and u...

And i hope tht u sing the song too..
coz the song is incomplete without YOU!


Endless Questions my heart or mind ( i m confused on this) asks me.. the more i search for an answer the more i hv questions... i read books.. i tried to gulp in all tht ma dad said.. alas ... m still ponderin arnd like m lost in this jungle of life and every move i make i have new world coming up for me.. the list of my questions goes on and on... but starts wid some of these..

If Life = Death.. then will this world come to an end one day??
If God balances life.. why are the rich and the poor not balanced??
If God made all men equal... then who are we to distinguish them??
If final destination is Death.. then wat are we living for??
If humans have brains... why cant they stop the global warming??
If everyone gets wat they want.. then y is hell always full??
If giving birth to a child is something so Godly, How is the mechanism called SIN??
Is 1 smile = 1 Tear??
If Love is blind... who admires beauty??
Can love be shared?? Does it hv Quotas??
Love can get u money... but Can money buy Love??
Wat is stronger... Ego or Love??
Can every truth be hidden by a lie??
Does truth always come out??
Why cant everyone just be haapy... if the soul purpose is to die??
Does God keep all those who die, wid him always??
1 death= 1 Life??
wat do birds tell each other??
How do ants communicate??
How do mosquitoes manage loosing their loved ones every second....??

List will go on.. this is one post tht will keep on getting updated...

............ Who am I??

Friday, April 25, 2008

Me = U, U = Me

I think of YOU,
I think for YOU,
The thing is..

A thought,
YOU are mine
Makes world shine
YOUR heart is a shrine
Its worship confirms,
YOU are mine

I am weak
You are strong
You are weak
I am strong
This thing keeps dangling
Leaving US mingling

YOU melt in me
I melt in YOU
Saying one are WE
Forgetting I and YOU

I think of YOU
I think for you



Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Everything................

I have completely lost it...
Lost it all, coz of u baby...
Lost it all, 4 u baby....

The whole day i be lonely....
At Every tick of the clock, i want to call u...
Talk to u indefinitely...
Ev1 though i knw, its insanity of mine..

And wen i talk to u,
Tears flow outta these eyes..
Tears flow.. yes baby.. coz of u...
Tears flow..... 4 u..

At the back of my mind i knw,
you will bid a good bye soon...
And once again... i will loose it..

I have lost it baby...
Lost my everything.. coz of u...
Lost my everything.. 4 u baby..

Yaa.. yaa.. i say those 3 forbidden words..."I MISS U"
And like hell i do...... wth every breath,thts keeping me alive..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Without you!

I get so lonely waiting to hear from u,
Would you please drop me a line and make my day?

I have been lying here,
Thinking abt you the whole day,

I miss you.....
I have felt so empty since you left.

Only u can make thr sunshine return...
and send the darkness on its way!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tere Pyaar ki Shenai...

Tujhse doorie ki tanhai main ,
tere pyaar ki gehrai main..
waqt gujrega yaadon ki shenai main..

gujar jaayega yeh waqt jab..milega wahi pyaar tab...
bajegi shenai naye dhun pe..lagega aur bhi pyaar yeh jag tab!!


Another creation by ma Friend!!!
Awesome .. isnt it.. if u can feel the depth

Saturday, July 07, 2007


This is written by a great friend of mine............. Couldn't help it.. had to put it here...
A special thanks to that person fr giving me the right to do so.......

When you go to college, enjoy it to its fullest. Take part in activities like bunking and related ones.Its OK if you don't attend lectures, but do surely meet your friends. Go to Cafe, canteen and sit there like lords of canteen or cafe; whatever you may call or you may have, Spend time pulling each others legs , but become his/her backbone when they need you.But, but ,but...with
all these things do keep a focus on your career also.

These are the days where u understand relations more deeply, the dawn of reality breaks on you and you should welcome this morning because you get polished. These are the days where foundation of good future relationship are laid more precisely and of course foundation of your career too, These are the days you enjoy numerous things but simultaneously you also get more matured, you come here with the fear of not knowing anybody but go with the tears of leaving everybody.

Its always said that history repeats itself but unfortunately these days never come again. You shout at your friend but the next moment you cry taking the buttress of his shoulder for no mistake of yours. It sounds pompous but it isn't. Actually the fact is you are improving. Both the individuals- the one who shouts and the one who gets the firing. The one who shouts realises there are other ways also, and the one who gets firing experiences drastic change. A special thanks to such a moment that brought us close and equally special thanks to the moment we moved away because until then we use to think this relation is precious but this moment thought us that this relation is invaluable!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What makes u so special?

I hv been a bird,
a bird tht soars, on high skies,
Never, has anyone or anything,
kept me on halt.

I have flown over mountains,
over seas and rivers,
Most importantly over people,
N past over relationships.

I was proud of myself, as i was never
in clutches of any emotions,
I was proud tht my wings stretch,
over the whole sky, over the universe......... until

U shot me in my heart,
U tied me up and cut my wings,
U made me come back to u,
Time and again.

But then, instead of cryin
for my freedom,
M smilin, m happy
to b held in your hands.

I still fly, to the heights
i hv never flown,
But i hv the urge to come back,
to come back to u.

U hv made this bird.. stay
stay... forever,
Just by holdin her hand,
and pullin her back into your arms.

What is so Special abt u??
m still wonderingg..........

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well... i dun have anything to write today...
but still i m sittin here.. juss ... dun knw y..
somethings empty deep inside..
somethings hurtin deep inside,

Dun know wat it is, Dun knw y it is,
but, it exists... n prevails in my heart..
Ponderin over things i hv been doing,
thinkin abt things i hv to do... naa..
nuthin seems to help.... the pain juss stays...

I wanna cry, but i smile....
I wanna run, but my legs fail to carry me...
Y.. Y?? wats it all about..
1000's quest. haund me.....
Y so much of pain....... Damn whr did it come frm..
Gonna kill it soon....... it has to go.. AwAy frm me..
Payal..... as forever

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Those who say GALS CANNOT PARK....

This is for all u guys u still think tht gals CANNOT PARK...
i think u better rethink... check out the link.. n all the gals... 3 cheerssss.....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Life take so many twists and turns. So many things tht v learn, so many things tht v love, so many things tht v hate, so many things tht v will always remember n so many things tht v wanna forget at this moment.... Makin a way out frm all the bends on d road, v go on n on, n like it tht way...

Takin a ride on this roller coaster ride, enjoyin every moment , every rise n fall, i m proud of things tht i hv today... i love them all.. b it good or bad.. they r mine... n r precious. .. some of them hv come easily.. n fr some i hv struggled hard..

Relishin all the fruits i hv ......... i juss THANK HIM.....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ocean of Love... this for my dearest frnd... JIN.. love u...

Walkin down the memory lane,
i found myself; the way i was....
All alone in the desert of life,
tryin to find a DROP of Love....

I walked miles to-gether,
widout a stop,but wid a hope...
Dreamin abt rains to come,
dreamin abt pastures to follow.....

Days to months to years,
i turned my calenders.......
But smiled as i still hoped,
As i still believed, Believed in HIM...

Now wen i look at us,
I see the Rains,
I feel the Pastures ,
I find my Paradise.....

The desert is no where to b seen,
The lonliness never bothers me...
I hv found U--- My Dearest Friend,
I hv found the OCEAN of LOVE....

Payal......... foreverr....

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Best Friend..................

My Best Friend

Today I found a friend,
Who knew everything I felt.

She knew my every weakness,
And the problems I've been dealt.
She understood my wonders,
And listened to my dreams.

She listened to how I felt about life and love,
And knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me,
Or tell me I was wrong.

She understood what I was going through,
And promised she'd stay long
I reached out to this friend
To show her that i care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there

I went to hold her hand
To pull her a bit nearer
And realized that this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but my mirror .................

Payal...... Forever

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LONELY!!... so lonely

Main Aor Meri Tanhaye ... !i!i!i!
Rehtey hain saath saath mai aur meri tanhai
Kartey hain raaz ki baat mai aur meri tanhai
Din to guzar hi jata hai logon ki bheed mai
Kartey hain basar raat main aur meri tanhai

Saanson ka kya bharosa kab chod jaye saath
Laikin rahain gay saath main aur meri tanhai
Aaye na tumhe yaad kabhi bhul kar bhi hum
Kartey hain tumhe yaad main aur meri tanhai

Aa ke paas kyon door ho gaye hum se
Kartey hain teri talash main aur meri tanhai
Tum ko rakhainge saath zeenat bana kay ghar ki
Reh jaye phir na tanha main aur meri tanhai ..................


Friday, August 04, 2006

Life is going real hectic.. Studies, studies and more studies to do... wid ma exams comin up in Nov... barely I get time to spend wid myself.. its makin me go crazzy... I hv lost my sleep, my appetite and myself... gross.. Y do we have these stupid exams... I swear I m neva gonna remember anythin tht I m gulpin today.. not even in my near future. rather, y shld i?? i mean once I clear I will hv all the references I need rite in front of my eyes.. all the sections, all the explanations.. everythin.. then y do I hv to bugg myself wid this irritatin exam crap..
anyone wid any answer to this question of mine... !!!

watever it is.. I cant help it.. as ppl will say.. just a few more yrs and the future is yours.. well.. then lets make our future... screwin up the present!! I think I m complainin a lot... wat the heck... yess I m complaining... anyone there listenin to it?? I guess everyone has the same complain.. lol..

anyways.. I better stop writin these stupid posts and get back in shapin my future..

hail teh exams!!!!!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I'd like to be the sort of friend that
you have been to me;
I'd like to be the help that
you've been always glad to be;
I'd like to mean as much to you
each minute of the day
As you have meant, old friend of mine,
to me along the way.
I'd like to do the big things and
the splendid things for you,
To brush the gray from out your skies
and leave them only blue;
I'd like to say the kindly things that
I so oft have heard,
And feel that I could rouse your soul
the way that mine you've stirred.
I'd like to give you back the joy
that you have given me,
Yet that were wishing you a need
I hope will never be;
I'd like to make you feel as rich as I,
who travel on
Undaunted in the darkest hours with you to
lean upon.
I'm wishing at this time that I
could but repay
A portion of the gladness that
you've strewn along my way;
And could I have one wish this year,
this only would it be:
"I'd like to be the sort of friend
that you have been to me."
To my best friend...
love u jaan!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


we drove in my car, supposed to get at a particular place...
seen each other after a year, i thought i might just be odd,
sittin wid a person, whom u thought of being wid for a lifetime,
however, we talked, as he drove
we talked abt all the wordly things...
damn it.. everything from college to movies to frnds,
there i sat tryin not to make obvious,
tht i wanted him to be talkin to me like this forever
tryin not to make obvious,
tht i wanted to look at him like this forever...

I just hoped tht the road would never come to an end,
I just hoped tht we could go on like this forever,
I just hoped tht he be my COMPANION forever.... and ever

But, there the road did end,
there the car did stop,
there was his destination...

He halted the car, and looked at me.. smilin (how i wished tht the moment would halt for ever)
He told me tht he enjoyed the ride,
He thanked me for helpin him reach his destination,
He handed me the car keys and said "Drive safe" (damn... y couldnt he come back wid me...)

We shook hands wishin each other a bright future...
and i wanted to say "i want u to be my future!!!!"
but i nodded and he smiled.

As he got down frm the car.. i wished.. plz dont go.. plz
but he had to go... and he did... i wanted to tell him tht i would miss him..
But somehow i didnt... dont know y.. but i just couldnt...

Drivin back home... i only thought..
Only if he could be MY COMPANION FOREVER...
Note: guys this is just an imagination..... just read the post and give in your comments abt the blogs....... i would appreciate suggestions and crirics too....
thanks, Payal