Sunday, February 13, 2011


You are only a .(dot), when you come to life,
World is a ? the first time you open your eyes..

Living in a place @ home,
You realise your parents and siblings are your own..

+ and - they inculcate in you,
Accept things with a [ and everyday will be new...

School you go to, where % speaks,
Educate yourself to be > your peers..

College is where you learn to have fun,
You fall in love and feel the !..

The chase for $, makes you greedy,
At the end, you know, you have gone all crazy..

Use an & to give a commitment,
You have a partner for all sorrows and achievements..

As time flies, , (comma's) become a fight,
! is the stick, walking side-by-side...

@ Lonliness is your only friend,
World is a ? again, by the time you reach your end...

You were only a .(dot) when you came into life,
And .(full stop) is only, what ends your life!!!...


Anonymous said...

Gud one, within your imagination.

Anand M. said...

Fun all d way!! Gud poem!

Payal forever said...

@ Anon: thnks.. but not withing ur imagination??

@ Anand: Thnks a lot!

deepakjoshii said...

It feels,
so gud 2 be human...!

Number are increasing,
Soon it will cover the remaining...
keeps ur light shining
coz there are ppl still finding
It is the light
which is brightening