Friday, November 27, 2009

Self Improvement.

Self improvement!!

Hmm.. ok pondering upon this one.

What is self improvement?
Improving ur thoughts, ways and ur self towards a better person. In short, Realising wat can be improved upon n striving to improve it.

How do we 'Self Improve'??
Books. Read. Read. Read. thts a funda fr me. i read read n read. Books answer most of ur questions. Now. How do questions arise?. They arise wen u think for urself. well.. THINK FOR URSELF.. means.. talk to urself.. understand ur weakness.. n accept it. then u look for answers.

Look for answers... Where??
Again, Books. Yes. or share knowledge with a person of the same or higher caliber.

So the whole process starts frm self realisation and ends with self retrospection.

The point i m tryin to drive here is, u can not improve till U realise tht something is wrong. or something is lacking. U can never be told tht u need an improvement. Rubbish. Tht is coz u will never accept it. Ur ego will never let u accept it.

Wen u say u are open to receive anything a person says.. wat u do is convinent hearing.i.e Receive wat u LIKE to receive.

If u really feel wat the other person is saying is true.. accept it first. take it into ur soul. ponder upon it. thn u will realise as to wat is to be improved.

Remember.. U cant be forced to improve. U can b forced only to compromise. PERIOD.


Anand M. said...

This has a high application towards me, as im in quest of "self improvement"!! Lol!

sudhan from callezee said...

ya self improvement is must for everyone.well,those lines will bring fire in all hearts.