Sunday, June 10, 2007

What makes u so special?

I hv been a bird,
a bird tht soars, on high skies,
Never, has anyone or anything,
kept me on halt.

I have flown over mountains,
over seas and rivers,
Most importantly over people,
N past over relationships.

I was proud of myself, as i was never
in clutches of any emotions,
I was proud tht my wings stretch,
over the whole sky, over the universe......... until

U shot me in my heart,
U tied me up and cut my wings,
U made me come back to u,
Time and again.

But then, instead of cryin
for my freedom,
M smilin, m happy
to b held in your hands.

I still fly, to the heights
i hv never flown,
But i hv the urge to come back,
to come back to u.

U hv made this bird.. stay
stay... forever,
Just by holdin her hand,
and pullin her back into your arms.

What is so Special abt u??
m still wonderingg..........

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