Friday, December 25, 2009

My first interaction wid the SKY!

9:00 am:
Still lazying in my bed... Lost in my sweet sweet dreams.. Suddenly i felt someone shaking my shoulder. Too lazy to reply i just 'hmmmed'. It was dad. Faintly, i heard "Get up, its flying high"..
I just 'hmmed'..

9.15 am:
I went to the terrace... n i saw my dad flying a kite... First i was like.. Dad its december n y r u flyin a KITE??.. He just smiled and handed over the kite to me..

I had no clue wat to do wid it.. suddenly it started coming down.. n i heard my dad say"Pull, Pull the string". The sight of tht kite coming down was so devastating.. i would hv done anything he had said. And i pulled.

I saw it fly again.. up in the air towards the sky floating with the wind.. something inside me turned.. i enjoyed everybit of tht flight..

Dad thaught me various techniques to sway it n swing it in the air.. Such pleasure.. I could see myself flying instead of the kite.. The breeze was pleasant.. was perfect.. The want to touch tht SKY i had always dreamt of grew stronger till i realised the terrace was abt to end..

This is one thing tht u shld do in ur lifetime... TOUCH THE SKY!!!
Thnks DAD!!

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