Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Where's the Time?..

Where's the time
To meet someone..
To greet someone..
To hug someone..
To love someone...

Where's the time
To share a tear..
To feel a fear..
To hold them near..
To spread a cheer...

Where's the time
To lift a child..
To walk a mile..
To take a while
To gift a smile..

Where's the time
To help a needy..
To not be greedy..
To respect a lady
To live without maybe's...

Where's the time
To sit beside your old's...
To talk about their moulds....
To warm them in their colds..
To not look for their golds...

Where's the time
To detach from the files..
To attach with this life..
To push your soul high..
To thank God before you die..

Where's the TIME???


N.D.K. Nikhil said...

nice!!!! good flow of words....

Payal forever said...

Thnks Nikhil!! :)

ronak said...

Superb yaar....truly amazing..!! :)

krazykaushal said...