Monday, July 29, 2013


Sometimes.. i just want to write.. Dont know what to write.. how to write.. but just keep on writing.. I know it maks no sense.. but sometimes.. u just enjoy doing the nonsense..

How typical it is to be in your senses for all your life.. why think so much before doing anything.. wat could go wrong by writing nonsense?? That no one would read my blog?? or i would make a fool out of myself.. Why care so much... ?? Why not just live the way you want to and not how others dictate you...

For once, lets forget everything that you have done till date.. Lets suppose... you are all alone in this entire universe... noone to rule u.. to keep a watch over u.. to guide u.. u have all the liberties that may be adam or eve had.. what would you be? how would you behave?? would u still think so much? be so calculative?

Try preparing a list of things.. u really want to do.. but just arent doing for the sake of someone? You have a long list.. Dont you? So why not do it? Y not for once be what we actually are?

Tomorrow if its supposed to be our last day...then y not live today??

Wow!! i did write a lot of  nonsense... but i shall still publish it.. COZ THATS WHAT I WANT TO DO... :) :)

C Yaa!!

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