Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Life is Strange,
It gives us Pain,
Makes us Change,
But, in the end, we Gain..

Life is Strange,
We fight in Vain,
Love in Range,
And, feelings we Tame..

Life is Strange,
We chase the Fame,
Relations we estrange,
And, aim for Acclaims...

Life is Strange,
It plays its Game,
We feel, we Arrange,
Unless, we see the Photoframe..

Life is Strange,
Everyone wants to Gain,
No-one wants to change,
In the end, all we suffer, is Pain!!..


Harish Krishnan said...


We have been trying to get in touch with you. We request you to check your mail ASAP.

anon said...

Nice thing! Last para is nicely put in.
The willingness to risk the comfort of the familiar in order to find your true happiness is the path to living a remarkable life. (I learned the hard way though. Lol, so liked the last para)

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