Saturday, June 28, 2008


Endless Questions my heart or mind ( i m confused on this) asks me.. the more i search for an answer the more i hv questions... i read books.. i tried to gulp in all tht ma dad said.. alas ... m still ponderin arnd like m lost in this jungle of life and every move i make i have new world coming up for me.. the list of my questions goes on and on... but starts wid some of these..

If Life = Death.. then will this world come to an end one day??
If God balances life.. why are the rich and the poor not balanced??
If God made all men equal... then who are we to distinguish them??
If final destination is Death.. then wat are we living for??
If humans have brains... why cant they stop the global warming??
If everyone gets wat they want.. then y is hell always full??
If giving birth to a child is something so Godly, How is the mechanism called SIN??
Is 1 smile = 1 Tear??
If Love is blind... who admires beauty??
Can love be shared?? Does it hv Quotas??
Love can get u money... but Can money buy Love??
Wat is stronger... Ego or Love??
Can every truth be hidden by a lie??
Does truth always come out??
Why cant everyone just be haapy... if the soul purpose is to die??
Does God keep all those who die, wid him always??
1 death= 1 Life??
wat do birds tell each other??
How do ants communicate??
How do mosquitoes manage loosing their loved ones every second....??

List will go on.. this is one post tht will keep on getting updated...

............ Who am I??

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