Friday, November 27, 2009

Exams- Post Exams

Done wid my exams. Finally. Hopefully this would be my last CA exams. dont wanna give anymore. Moreover dont wanna gain weight again. Damn! my fav. jeans doesnt fit me anymore. Anyways, moving towards loosing all those extra kilos!

Wanted to share a few MOST COMMON questions i came across since my exams.

How were the exams??
Most common question these days i m being asked. What do i answer. I, myself, m unaware. So, different answers for different people.

What Next?
The next question. I mean plz gimme a break. I m just done wid my exams. I hv no clue n especially coz i m not a planner. i dont follow calender. So, next question plz.

So, ready for marriage?
Whose?? urs?? WTF.

No more questions plz.

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