Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Game..

Its hollow inside,
With the whole world outside..
Try to keep the pain aside
& draw a smile so wide..

Finding solace in material,
But its all in vain..
All I experience is
Excruating pain...

Self Betrayal is the name,
Its much needed..
As it keeps me in the game,
To walk the path, much heeded

Emptiness fills my heart,
Wishing we were never apart..
Every beat wants you here,
Shining eyes can hold no more tears..

I find no reason to stay alive,
But a hope never lets me die..
Your face in front of my eyes,
Now its all a lie..

Every moment that I live
Is a Suffering..
This is the only way
to a fake living..

Everytime my phone beeps,
I wish its you..
sending me a smile
with which I grew..

Its all a dream now..
A dream.. that will never come true..,
Coz its ME who's playing the game..
Self Betrayal is its name...


N.D.K. Nikhil said...

After a looooong time ehh?? Nice...

Anonymous said...

All is well that ends u know nt to think much...Well u cnt do anythng.. everythng is preplanned in his dream u r juz playin as he wish :)

krazykaushal said...

Aweome...ser good one.. :)

ronak said...


Payal forever said...

@Nikhil: yea.. long time!! thnks!!
@Anon: its all abt expression!
@Kaushal: Thnks dude.. wat abt ur blog?
Ronak: :) :)