Friday, September 16, 2011

Rebirth of Bicycling

Guys and gals, Mahindra has come out with a new marketing campaign which invites ideas from people; these ideas are put up for public voting and the ideas which get the highest votes get funding from Mahindra.
A friend of mine, Arjit Soni, has also submitted a project that I truly believe in. Its a project which will help u save time, money & most importantly ENVIRONMENT.. (btw, It might help u look sexy too ;) 
 In order to implement the same he needs to garner as many votes for this project as he can.
So ppl just follow the steps mentioned below.. n VOTE!

1. Go to the following link in your browser

2. The above link will take you directly to the project 'Rebirth of Bicycling'. Please read it and if you support it then please vote for it.

3. Click on the GREEN ICON in the top right of the page THAT SAYS 'VOTE'.

4. Please note the last count of votes that the project has received.

5. A new page will pop up, please click on 'YES, VOTE NOW'

6. Now, there are many options to register. However, there is a shortcut for facebook users. Please click on the BLUE ICON in the top right of the page which says 'CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK'

7. It'll ask for permission, please ALLOW

8. And the vote is registered. U shall recieve a confirmation mail. Next time u login to the link.. It will show a VOTED mark.. instead of VOTE

So guys.. Go ahead.. n Make it happen...!!
PS: "Be the change you want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi

For Arjits Blog Visit:

A special thanks to all of u from Arjit
And loads of love frm ME!!

:) :)

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