Friday, November 26, 2010

Dejections, Rejections & Addictions!


This write-up and its contents might not be suitable for children under 18 yrs of age..!

I was waiting for my hair dresser to get free so he can mend my hair!(people who know me.... know why its called "mending" in my case).. How do i wild away my time.???. text or call someone.. no network!!.. So least i could do is pick up a random magazine n read an article.. that is, exactly, what i did today.. got my hands on a magazine, named, marie something( i never read a magazine... so plz pardon my lack of knowledge abt their names)...

Anyways, so, i flipped through some irrritating pages displaying various nail polishes n lipsticks n even lingerie's... n suddenly this caught my attention.. Story of a Sex Addict.. n the first thought that passed my mind was "Sex Addict" in a Women Magazine..

Indeed, it was a story about a woman who was addicted SEXUALLY..

What was interesting to read was this lady had a sad childhood, divorced parents, craved for love and hence, grew being an attention seeker. She found in her early teens that having sex makes her feel satisfied.. makes her feel SPECIAL!.. All she wanted to here from the guy is tht it was the best he ever had.. She had sex with 70 different men in 3months... Her addiction was her pleasure and her pleasure was her need... Leaving aside.. her dull mornings, full of dejections.. making her feel all the more lonely

Admist all of this.. she worked with elite class of people.. Most being, top most CEO's, Lawyers, Businessmen etc..

All of this was a part of her life.. till she met George, with whom things were different.. She married him.. and unlike the case would have been.. she was Faithful.. Loyal.. but soon was disinterested.. her passsion couldnt be satisfied.. she put on weight n had constant fights with George.. Work suffered.. It was mess... !!

She left George, shed her weight n went back to sleepin with different men and also not to forget got a double promotion.. Wow.. things were great.. as smooth as they could be.. except that she was lonely in the mornings.. lying on the floor all alone just wantin to b hugged n loved.. until she suffered a bad infection in her vagina due to too much sex...

Trying to reconcile her life.. her obsession with sex.. she found many men she slept with were already married .. who were never going to call her back.. she felt used.. just like any other whore.. !!

The article made me think... think hard.. just for the sake of covering our rejections.. most of us take up to addictions... but the pleasure of addictions are only momentary...

Every morning, like the lady, you wake up only to find more dejected.. n more rejected.. no matter how many cigarattes u puff or how much of cocaine u have... U R GOING TO BE LONELY EVERY MORNING...

Only you can help yourslef... ONLY YOU!


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice experience to begin with, very much the truth or reality reflected in the write up. Sadly i feel the end(2nd last and the last para) was rather hurried or abrupt. It would have been better, had you elaborated your main point of cause effect relation of dejections and addictions. Another thing that i felt absent from your write up was MULTI THREADING SPIRAL EFFECT, It means how one act presses another one and without any boundary.(In simple words, in your case addiction to sex at an early age can very well put that lady in another bad addiction of drugs in the morning resulting into a fatal spiral). Rest of write up,the idea and narration in the beginning was good enough.
One more not so important point i would rather stress upon is the use of words which are customary in chat rooms, and they even grab undue attention while reading. Avoid them, even if you might be writing up this blog with not so professional intention, as you still dont know whos reading the blog. I mean it can be a person like me who is not so familiar with use of such unexplained abbreviations.

Anonymous said...

A bit big comment. Tried to shorten, hope thats not a problem.

vineet said...

frst commnt s like another blog or sumthn, nywaz nice post, moved a bit bt must say that loneliness can b bcoz of ny reason, addiction 2 sumthn is d aftrmath,all i can say as far i m concerned dat loneliness isnt dat bad, infact i kind of find it soothing..u presented loneliness as a-ve aspect wich probably i wont agree,ny waz views differ bt nice post is sumwer we can stop

Payal forever said...

@Anonymous: I would pen down pages on the issue but long posts aren't meant for blogs. If the thought is nailed.. the puropose is served.. n about the Multi threading effect.. i have given a reference to a magazine article which says nothing about it.. Dont want to get sued .. u know!
Thanks anyways!

Thnks fr the appreciation.. means a lot!
Agreed! Lonliness isn't negative. But how ppl react to the lonliness is negative. A very few ppl really njoy lonliness.. fr others the njoyment may just b momentary.. u knw.. like runnin away frm things..!

anonymous said...

The magazine doesnt mention but u can. Agreed size has to be short,but the end can be toned down in a better fashion. Well the thought has been nailed, credit to ur good writing, no doubt u write good nd so is the write up.
Still for a debatable status of loneliness il suggest u to go for a superb book by Khushwant Singh titled "Absolute Khushwant" wherein a beautiful horizon of loneliness is displayed. Nothing against ur view abt loneliness, but just a different alternative vision that u can adopt if at all you are lonely by any chance.(Just a suggestion)