Friday, August 04, 2006

Life is going real hectic.. Studies, studies and more studies to do... wid ma exams comin up in Nov... barely I get time to spend wid myself.. its makin me go crazzy... I hv lost my sleep, my appetite and myself... gross.. Y do we have these stupid exams... I swear I m neva gonna remember anythin tht I m gulpin today.. not even in my near future. rather, y shld i?? i mean once I clear I will hv all the references I need rite in front of my eyes.. all the sections, all the explanations.. everythin.. then y do I hv to bugg myself wid this irritatin exam crap..
anyone wid any answer to this question of mine... !!!

watever it is.. I cant help it.. as ppl will say.. just a few more yrs and the future is yours.. well.. then lets make our future... screwin up the present!! I think I m complainin a lot... wat the heck... yess I m complaining... anyone there listenin to it?? I guess everyone has the same complain.. lol..

anyways.. I better stop writin these stupid posts and get back in shapin my future..

hail teh exams!!!!!


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