Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well to some family is life and to some it is just a part of livin life.. to me ma famly is ma first love.. yaa.. I hv realized tht I absolutely adore ma fmly. My mom, ma dad and my bro; all of them.. yesterday I was just sittin arnd and chattin wid them and gosh! i realized tht how much I was missin by simply takin them for granted.. it is not deliberate.. but it happens naturally. u tend to ingore ppl close to u.. searchin for relationships outside.. so as to "searchin for your true love" .. one thing :tht u will neva find ne1 so selfless except your Mom.. just think of it.. u wuld not not find a mentor better than your dad.. and a best frnd in your bro.

for once.. i could loose anythin on this earth execpt for these ppl!!! m grateful to God for savin the best ppl for me..

DAD, MOM and UMANG.. will always love u... dont know if i will ever express it!


CaprivillA said...

true gal .. true .. vry true!
i love ma family 2 .. expecially ma mom .. can wrtie endless poem on her lol .. anywez.. during crises its only ur family who stands by ur life n otr ppl dun giv a damn! lol .. neway .. tc kp blogging ..

vicky said...

yeah family is very important.. take care of them

Anonymous said...

Your blog touched me dont know why..
I stayed on this page for more then 10 hours.Dont know we could ever meet.Warm wishes