Sunday, July 30, 2006


we drove in my car, supposed to get at a particular place...
seen each other after a year, i thought i might just be odd,
sittin wid a person, whom u thought of being wid for a lifetime,
however, we talked, as he drove
we talked abt all the wordly things...
damn it.. everything from college to movies to frnds,
there i sat tryin not to make obvious,
tht i wanted him to be talkin to me like this forever
tryin not to make obvious,
tht i wanted to look at him like this forever...

I just hoped tht the road would never come to an end,
I just hoped tht we could go on like this forever,
I just hoped tht he be my COMPANION forever.... and ever

But, there the road did end,
there the car did stop,
there was his destination...

He halted the car, and looked at me.. smilin (how i wished tht the moment would halt for ever)
He told me tht he enjoyed the ride,
He thanked me for helpin him reach his destination,
He handed me the car keys and said "Drive safe" (damn... y couldnt he come back wid me...)

We shook hands wishin each other a bright future...
and i wanted to say "i want u to be my future!!!!"
but i nodded and he smiled.

As he got down frm the car.. i wished.. plz dont go.. plz
but he had to go... and he did... i wanted to tell him tht i would miss him..
But somehow i didnt... dont know y.. but i just couldnt...

Drivin back home... i only thought..
Only if he could be MY COMPANION FOREVER...
Note: guys this is just an imagination..... just read the post and give in your comments abt the blogs....... i would appreciate suggestions and crirics too....
thanks, Payal


CaprivillA said...

oh ho .. sum 1 is in lov ... hmm meet me babes, u gotta share it all :)

vicky said...

hmmm... is this a feeling.. or this has happened in reality??

i think i know wat u r talkin abt here..

Neeresh said...
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